Traditionally Smoked



Kalleske Meats is a quality Mettwurst producer originating in the Barossa valley in the 1920’s. We are a family owned and operated company that specialise in Mettwurst and Pepperoni, smoked in the traditional ways of early German settlers whilst maintaining the current codes of practice enhancing good quality to the consumer. We also pride ourselves on being the First Quality Assured Mettwurst in Australia!

The Management and Staff are committed to providing our Customers and Trade Partners with a sound quality/safe Mettwurst/Pepperoni to maintain a good consumer relationship. Customer complaints at Kalleske are regarded highly and acted upon in the quickest possible way to maintain product quality and consumer trust.

We implement all quality procedures outlined in the Australian food standards code/current Australian standards & the WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance) version 7 standards as well as working in conjunction with the MHU (Meat Hygiene Unit).
Our set of standards enables the company to be competitive at all levels while allowing the product to be processed to the highest quality.

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