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Customer Focus

Kalleske Meats Management and Staff are all very aware of our commitment to all consumers of our product. We will not compromise the high quality of our products to remain competitive, or bow to suppliers demands.

Customer Feedback

Kalleske Meats go to a large number of agricultural shows each year. We get feedback by speaking to thousands of consumers eye to eye, these people will discuss price and quality of our products and we encourage this discussion. At the same time we are representing the whole smallgoods industry, and will face the public at times when our competition choose to shy away.

Good customer feedback assures Kalleske’s Management we are on the correct path with service and quality.

Kalleske Meats quality assurance team keep a customer feedback file in the Q.A. office. 

A customer feedback form will be filled out, and corrective action will be taken immediately.

All customer feedback are investigated as quickly as possible on the same day as received by consumers directly, or at store level.

Persons responsible for such actions are the quality assurance team.


Follow up of action taken will be directed to the issuer of the feedback as quickly as possible.


If a feedback indicates loss of control or deviation from an established critical limit corrective action will be taken.


Key Performance Indicators

Before delivery to a customer all Kalleske’s product has been inspected at every stage of the process. Kalleske’s quality assurance is to ensure all product is safe to consume at release. Also all product is inspected for quality, such as taste, texture, smell and visual appearance.

We ask for direct feedback from consumers on the quality of our product all feedback is valuable, to our Q.A. team and comments are actioned.

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